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stem organics - skin, health, life

Organic Ingredients- Skincare Products Approach

Stemorganics organic skin care believes in preserving the environment. Hence, only the finest organic and biodegradable ingredients are used in each product.

A more natural approach to skincare has arrived.  Beauty, health, and eco friendliness are now all part of one exceptional range. A range called Stem Organics.

Developed in Australia by industry specialists, our products are free from harsh synthetic chemicals, and contain optimum amounts of certified organic ingredients combined with the latest age fighting skin super nutrients. While you might find other products that appear similar to ours, take a closer look. Chances are they either lack the age fighting nutrients, or are full of harsh synthetic ingredients. Ask yourself, how natural is that?

Some ingredients are more special than others. You don’t engineer ‘miracles’. Why would you try, when nature simply grows them. The incredibly effective but little known Pomegranate and native Australian Kakadu Plum are unique features of our skincare range. Our wild harvested plum extract has one of the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit in the world, providing powerful antioxidant and healing properties.  While Niacinamide, Grapeseed Extract and Oat Proteins further regenerate your skin with the antioxidants it craves.

In a world of constant change, we believe in three signposts for optimum beauty. Skin, Health and Life.

Environmental Ethics
Australia has one of the world’s oldest eco-systems with the most certified organic land in the world. Stem Organics are Australian owned and manufactured.

Stem Organics is taking action on climate change by working with Climate Friendly to measure and offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with its carbon footprint.

Stem Organics is committed to mitigating climate change by offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions with Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) renewable energy carbon credits sourced by Climate Friendly from the GFL Wind Farm Project in India. These emissions include taxi travel, freight, paper and waste.

Stem Organics is committed to making a difference by taking action on climate change now and working toward a clean energy future. To find out how you can take action visit

In addition we offset all flights at time of purchase and use Green Electricity.

We believe in supporting the environment with biodegradable natural ingredients,recyclable glass, PET packaging, corn starch packing beads, eco-energy for our office and responsible printing and energy efficient printing processes. At Stem we're constantly looking at improving our energy efficiencies, so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear about them. contact us today

Functional Ethics
Style and function are paramount at Stem Organics. To maximise product effectiveness, reduce ingredient oxidisation from the air and help prevent contamination from fingers, bottles with pumps (instead of jars) have been selected. The amber colour of these bottles help protect precious ingredients from light deterioration, maximising product effectiveness and shelf life.

Social Ethics
We are proud to support charities such as the Butterfly Foundation for eating disorders,  World Wide Fund for Nature (also know as the World Wildlife Fund in some countries) who operate globally to protect natural environments and native animals.

We love animals and are passionately against animal testing. All Stem Organics products are now vegan friendly and Choose Cruelty Free not tested on animals certified.

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