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Sensitive Skin?

This is some of the feedback we have received from other clients with sensitive skin...

"My skin is very sensitive, it has become more and more sensitive in the past few years.
At first I thought I was getting older, or that after having a child my skin had changed, but
now I believe I was using the wrong products, trying to fix it I was only making it worse.

So many chemicals, really can not be good for you... I go out of my way to eat organic food,
so, I thought why use cosmetics that contain a lot of chemical ingredients that my skin absorbs?

When I discovered Stem Organics, I decided to give it a go, and the result could not have been better. My skin feels so much better, within weeks I could feel an incredible change...
for the best!. It feels nurtured and relaxed. It has been a great discovery. And it is less
expensive than most of the products I would normally use too! Other products would make
my skin look clean and hydrated right after using them, but after my skin would look irritated.
These products really take care of my skin. I can feel it. It is a long term care... I also love the packaging, it is so convenient... I can't wait to try new products of your brand. You are really are doing a great job. I love Stem!"
(Rocio G, Sensitive skin)

"My sister popped in to see me the other day and her face was very inflamed and the skin was flaking, looked terrible.  She gets bad eczema.  I gave her my Gentle Cleansing Milk and Hydrating Face Fluid and said just try it.  She popped in yesterday and the first thing she said was look at my skin and feel it, so looks like you have another customer."
(Wendy H, Age 38, Eczema prone skin)

"I have really sensitive skin, and get rashes from most brands. Ever since Iíve been trying your products (I use the Gentle Cleansing Milk and the Exquisite Face Fluid and also the Fresh Start Serum) I havenít had any problems so I want to say thanks for making such great products.
(Miel C, Age 40-45, Sensitive skin)

Until trying your products I have only ever found one other single product that doesnít irritate my very sensitive skin. Itís great that I have found a range of products that suit my skin without irritating. I find them soothing and the fact that they arenít even especially for sensitive skins makes me appreciative of all the amazing natural and organics ingredients in your products."
(Annette, Age 50-55, Sensitive Skin)

If you are still uncertain due to your super sensitive skin why not first try the Stem Organics Sample Kit?

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