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Stem Organics Testimonials

What do other people think about Stem Organics products?
These are just a selection of our customers feedback, see more on the individual product pages.

Just scroll down to find feedback on products you're interested in, sequentially from Cleanser-Toner-Serum-Moisturisers with some feedback from people with Sensitive Skin at the very end.

Other Features
Just wanted you to know I was re-ordering your products - and I found something new that I love about them - your bottles are fabulous - I took them on a trip recently and they seal really well - so there is no worry about spilling in my suitcase - you guys really thought about your product before you put in on the market! ......Still true to Stem products.....and still looking younger.... (Peg H, Age 55-60, Mature skin)

Gentle Cleansing Milk
I really loved the cleanser. It's actually one of the only cleansers that can be used on my eyes without any sting!!! The scent is refreshing. The texture is nice, normally I hate cream cleansers but it felt really good. I also felt like I didn't need much to remove all make up which is good and my skin felt soft and refreshed rather than dry and tight as so many foam cleansers leave you feeling. I thought it was beautiful! (Megan H, Age 30-35, Normal skin)

I love your products, especially the Gentle Cleansing Milk, I canít wait to use it and now I donít even feel like I need to wear makeup when I leave the house. (Rhonda C, Age 50-55, Sensitve & Dry Skin)

Just wanted to let you know, I went and had a facial last week and the therapist said my skin is the best she has seen it. It is all thanks to your products, that is the only thing that has changed. I use the Gentle Cleanisng Milk, Antioxidant Toning Infusion and Balancing Face Fluid. (Jean B, Age 30-40, Combination skin) 

I can't tell you what an amazing difference this cleanser has made for me. My face is clean, wrinkles are disappearing, makeup looks glowing and three people who see me every day have asked what I am doing that is different because I look so good. I had to tell you how much I love this product. I am 59 years old and my skin is taking on a youthful glow it hasnít had in years. Thank you so much. (Peg H, Age 55-60, Mature skin)

Antioxidant Toning Infusion
I was surprised at how little I needed. I like the toner, it's very refreshing. I don't normally use a cleanser (except for soap in the shower) so my skin is getting more pampered than usual. I like the smell of everything. I have pretty sensitive skin, and it all seemed fine, haven't broken out in a rash. I liked that everything felt quite light on the skin. I have my bottles proudly lined up on the bathroom sink. Bet my flatmate tries them out. (Sarah C, Age 25-35, Sensitive skin)

I think your products are great!! They feel really clean and the scents are amazing!!! and my skin looks great! Jo

I'm continuing to be amazed at how much my skin has improved in the last week - even my husband commented. When a product is good, the company needs to know it. The Antioxidant Toning Infusion is a wonderful addition - my face has never looked this good. Thanks again for these wonderful products. People are still noticing..... (Peg H, Age 50-60, Mature Skin)

Fresh Start Serum
I have been using the Gentle Cleansing Milk (I adore the scent and the feel and love how it removes all my makeup and doesnít make my face feel tight), Antioxidant Toning Infusion, Fresh Start Serum and Balancing Face Fluid. After two days my face felt ridiculously soft- I couldnít stop touching it! I also really love to use the Fresh Start Serum for when my skin needs an extra boost. In the last couple of months since starting the products Iíve been receiving compliments on my skin, when I rarely ever did before. (Jane D, Age 25-30, Oily/Combination skin)

I have definitely gotten hooked on your products - Love the Exquisite face fluid & also the Fresh Start Serum..... I think the Fresh Start Serum is my favourite because it is so light. (Olivia B, Age 25-30, Combination skin)

Thanks so much for the samples. Absolutely loved your products. Loved the smell of the cleanser. The Fresh Start Serum was a favourite- was nice and thin and rubbed in well, I use it as my moisturiser. (Kate I)

Balancing Face Fluid
You really have an amazing product!!! I truly have to say that your line of skin care is my favorite! I really love that it's light and not too oily, yet leaves your skin feeling moisturized. Right now I'm using the balancing lotion. My skin tone and texture has really improved! I came into work yesterday and told my staff that your product is phenomenal and they tried it on their hands. After a while they all came up to me and said "feel how soft my hands are!" (Rui)

Well, I am totally converted Ė Iíve hardly used my Proactive - I bet Iíve used the Ďrepairing lotioní twice in the last 3 weeks! (If only to keep an eerie pimple at bay!! Ė and Iíve not used their cleanser and toner in 3 months!!) I am so into Stem Organics and just love how vibrant my skin has been since using it. (Lavinia GF, Age 30-40, Oily/Combination, Blemish Prone skin)

I'm totally loving the Balancing Face Fluid. Instead of touching up the shine on my face 3-5 times a day I only have to do it 1-2 times. (Shayna T, Oily Skin)

I have been using the products, especially the Balancing Fluid. It feels great on the skin and I haven't had any problems with it. I was a bit concerned as I do get a bit of rosacea, but so far so good, so I am impressed. (Helen D, Age 50+, Sensitive and Rosacea prone skin)

Exquisite Face Fluid
For the last month I've been using Stem Organics Skincare and have completely fallen in love with the products. In the past I have always found most cleansers to be very harsh and have left my skin feeling very dry and stripped of all moisture. Your Gentle Cleansing Milk is not only very effective in throughly cleansing my face and removing all make up but it also leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and refreshed. I have also been using the Exquisite Face Fluid morning and night and itís the perfect addition to the Cleansing Milk. (Meagan H, Age 30-40, Normal skin)

I have been a Christian Dior girl for the past 10 years since I was 25 (even when I was between jobs I still wouldn't sacrifice on buying Christian Dior) Well I was given your Gentle Cleaning Milk and the Exquisite Face Fluid, and they are better than Christian Dior. I just love the smell and I love how they make my skin look and feel, they just soak into your skin. I'm a convert! (Cathy J, Age 30-40, Normal skin)

Love your Exquisite Face Fluid and Gentle Cleansing Milk; I really notice the difference when I stop using it. I have been using my wifeís but she noticed it going down too fast and I have been told to buy my own! (Craig Y, Age 30-40, Normal skin)

I love the product!!! The Exquisite Face Fluid moisturizer is the best. Canít wait for the scrub. You also have a new fan. Suzy would like to order the moisturizer for dry skin- Hydrating Face Fluid moisturizer. She loved the sample. (Rachel S, Age 30-40, Sensitive Skin)

I just wanted to let you know that I have been trying out the products and I love them! I especially love the Exquisite Face Fluid and will definitely be picking up a few more items from the line. (Emi S)

Hydrating Face Fluid
My skin is really sensitive and very prone to irritations and dermatitis. Since using the Gentle Cleansing Milk, Hydrating Face Fluid and Fresh Start Serum I have had NO irritations or redness. This really surprised me because I have had this for years! I have to say the Hydrating Face Fluid is so good, it really keeps the moisture in. Such great products, and I really love how healthy they are for you. (Paul C, Age 30-35, Sensitive & Dermatitis prone)

Another amazing thing about your products is they go a long long way- just a dot does my whole face! You guys are terrific! (Peg H)

I have been using your Gentle Cleansing Milk, Fresh Start Serum and Hydrating Face Fluid for the past few weeks. I think they are lovely products. In fact I cannot wait to remove my make up at night and refresh my face! Congratulations and best wishes for a very successful future with such first class products. (Linda W, Age 50-55, Dry & Sensitive skin)

I have fairly dry and sensitive skin and I'm using Stem Organics, I find it's really softening up my skin and getting rid of capillary damage I've had for a while now. The Hydrating Face Fluid and Fresh Start Serum are my favourite. I've also always found your products arrive very promptly and never with any damages or problems. (Melanie, Age 15-25, Dry & Sensitive Skin)

I know this may sound a bit unusual but Iíve been using your Hydrating Face Fluid on my hands. I suffer from severe dermatitis on my hands and they often crack and bleed and many products sting. I was out of what I normally use in them and in desperation I used your Hydrating Face Fluid (which I have to say is marvelous for dry mature facial skin) and it didnít sting and itís kept the moisture in my hands better than anything else Iíve tried Ė and believe me, Iíve tried a lot of products. So thank you, your Hydrating Face Fluid was a lifesaver. Now I donít want to use anything else on my hands or my face, you might need to make a bigger bottle though! (Rhonda C, Dry & Mature & Dermatitis prone skin)

Sensitive Skin?
My skin is very sensitive, it has become more and more sensitive in the past few years. At first I thought I was getting older, or that after having a child my skin had changed, but now I believe I was using the wrong products, trying to fix it I was only making it worse. So many chemicals, really can not be good for you... I go out of my way to eat organic food, so, I thought why use cosmetics that contain a lot of chemical ingredients that my skin absorbs? When I discovered Stem Organics, I decided to give it a go, and the result could not have been better. My skin feels so much better, within weeks I could feel an incredible change... for the best!. It feels nurtured and relaxed. It has been a great discovery. And it is less expensive than most of the products I would normally use too! Other products would make my skin look clean and hydrated right after using them, but after my skin would look irritated. These products really take care of my skin. I can feel it. It is a long term care... I also love the packaging, it is so convenient... I can't wait to try new products of your brand. You are really are doing a great job. I love Stem! (Rocio G, Age 30-40, Sensitive skin)

My sister popped in to see me the other day and her face was very inflammed and the skin was flaking, looked terrible.  She gets bad eczema.  I gave her my Gentle Cleansing Milk and Hydrating Face Fluid and said just try it.  She popped in yesterday and the first thing she said was look at my skin and feel it, so looks like you have another customer. (Wendy H, Age 38, Eczema prone skin)

I have really sensitive skin, and get rashes from most brands. Ever since Iíve been trying your products (I use the Gentle Cleansing Milk and the Exquisite Face Fluid and also the Fresh Start Serum) I havenít had any problems so I want to say thanks for making such great products. (Miel C, Age 40-45, Sensitive skin)

Until trying your products I have only ever found one other single product that doesnít irritate my very sensitive skin. Itís great that I have found a range of products that suit my skin without irritating. I find them soothing and the fact that they arenít even especially for sensitive skins makes me appreciative of all the amazing natural and organics ingredients in your products. (Annette, Age 50-55, Sensitive Skin)

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