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Stem Organics
Organic isn’t just a trendy buzzword anymore, savvy consumers demand it, whether we’re talking about apples, chicken, cotton bed sheets and even skincare. Stem Organics have capitalised on the growing market for the latter with their boutique organic skincare range. Sales for natural and organic personal care have doubled between 2002 and 2006, with 78% of adults in developed countries preferring to use products over chemically derives ones , so the brand hit the stores at the perfect time.

Interestingly Stem Organics founders actually launched the brand in the US first, selling through online retailers and more recently trendy lifestyle boutique chain Theory and Fred Segal, where Stem Organics is fast becoming a ‘must have’ brand among their urban, image and health conscious customers.

The range takes a holistic approach to skincare utilising organic plant extracts, essential fatty acids, vitamins and Australian Bush Flower essences that treat the emotions associated with skincare problems. Interestingly it was founder Lara Deutsch’s personal health that lead her to develop the brand. After suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for years she made the link between environmental chemicals and pollutants, and has since then been committed to living an organic chemical-free lifestyle.

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