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Sophisticated Australian skin care comes stateside
There’s a new addition to our list of favorite skincare imports: Stem Organics. With largely organic formulas that often boast uniquely Australian ingredients, Stem brings new beauty options to the table.

The offering that caught our eye first is their Exquisite Face Fluid. Sophisticatedly packaged like all of Stem’s goods, this is a renewing moisturizer that fortifies skin suffering from the signs of aging.

Amongst familiar components like jojoba (to minimize wrinkles), rosehip (for elasticity and firmness), grape seed (for damage defence), pomegranate (for polyphenol and antioxidant power) and niacinamide (vitamin B3 that holds on to hydration), are two ingredients lesser known to American beauty mavens. Kakadu plum, a plant from the Australian outback, has one of the highest vitamin C levels in the world; billy goat plum, an Australian bush flower, is known to boost one’s appearance confidence. With a blend like this, it shouldn’t be hard to love how you look.

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