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Gentle Cleansing Milk 125ml

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Organic Aloe, Chamomile & Echinacea


82% Certified Organic Content

Skin Type
All skin types.

15ml / 0.5 fl oz
125ml / 4.2 fl oz

  NEWS!! WINNER Cleo Magazine Beauty Hall of Fame 2010 "Best Cleansing Milk" is Stem Organics Gentle Cleansing Milk!

Vegan friendly
Deeply clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. A great cleanser removes dirt, dead skin cells and pollutants without that ‘squeaky clean’ myth that, in reality, leaves it more vulnerable to irritation, infection and stimulates oil production.

Gentle Cleansing Milk is a milk/gel hybrid that works on every skin type. It effectively removes the day’s grime or makeup, while leaving your skin soft and calm. Feel healthier and relax knowing you’re cleansing your skin with organic ingredients, and avoiding harsh detergent based cleansers.

- Organic Jojoba assists with cleansing without making the skin greasy
-Soothing properties of Organic Aloe help skin with healing
-Calming Organic Chamomile provides anti-inflammatory properties
-Organic Echinacea promotes cell renewal.
-Polyphenol rich Pomegranate with its anti-ageing properties
-One of the world’s highest plant source of antioxidant Vitamin C Kakadu Plum- wild grown in the Australian outback.

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"Natural Wonders" Product Feature- Gentle Cleansing Milk by Stem Organics, contains aloe vera, jojoba oil, and chamomile extracts.

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Product Feature Gentle Cleansing Milk...This Australian brand's stellar standards means thats its around 70 percent organic content.

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I really like this cleanser. I really love it since it's natural. It is an amazing nice texture and is gentle and doesn't dry my face. It leaves my skin soft, moist and not tight. I use this morning and night and my face is softer afterwards. I feel so fresh every time I use it. It is also great at removing makeup. It doesn't leave my face feeling filmy or greasy and hasn't caused any breakouts. When I don't use mineral makeup or waterproof mascara, and it takes everything off. It's very mild and has never made my eyes sting.
Chemical cleansers are particularly harsh on sensitive skin (and can damage healthy skin, too), so we’ve found some low or no-chemical soaps for you. The Gentle Cleansing Milk from Stem Organics doesn’t strip your skin of essential oils or throw off its pH balance. Organic aloe, chamomile and echinacea calm and soothe while cleaning deep.
Stem Organics Cleansing Milk is the perfect solution to help you unwind. The gentle cleansing milk is a PH-balanced milk that removes dirt, grime, make-up, and other impurities while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

To Use
Gently massage into your skin with a circular motion, avoiding pulling the skin. Don’t forget your hairline, jaw line and around the nose. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Suitable for all skin types.

Organic aloe barbadensis extract, vegetable glycerin, coco glucoside, vegetable emulsifying wax, glyceryl monostearate, organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, d alpha tocopherol (vit e), guar gum, organic echinacea angustifolia extract, terminalia ferdinandiana (kakadu plum) extract, organic prunica granatum (pomegranate), organic olea europea (olive leaf) extract, macrocystis pyrifera (tasmanian kelp) extract, organic citrus nobilis (mandarin) essential oil, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (amino acid derived preservative), citrus tangerina (tangerine) essential oil, organic c nobile (chamomile) essential oil, citric acid.

Product Reviews


  1. Better than what my dermatologist recommended!

    Posted by Lyn

    I have had dermatitis on my face for a many years. My dermatologist prescribed a cetaphil cleanser to use but I still had it. When I started researching the ingredients of cetaphil I realised it contained propolyene glycol, sodium lauyrl sulfate, methyl hydroxybenzoate, propyl hydroxybenzoate, butyl hydroxybenzoate. I don't want these ingredients in the skincare products I use and I found that some of them were even linked to dermatitis! Now I have started using your products Gentle Cleansing Milk, Hydrating Face Fluid and Intensive Eye Serum I have NO DERMATITIS!! Thankyou!!

  2. Your products are fantastic

    Posted by P Barry (USA)

    Your products are fantastic, how the heck a face wash can do what your cleansing milk does is beyond me.

    I'm telling you my skin looks different when I use it, EVERY time ! I'm a Pharmacist soI'm really puzzled as I know skin care products can only do so much, but your product is amazing!

  3. Lovely!

    Posted by Victoria C, UK

    Lovely! My skin feels very clean, fresh & rested after cleansing & the moisturiser is just outstanding - I have NEVER in my life not had shine after using a moisturiser - mattifying or not. Recently I spent a morning rushing about on the school run, charging about on a 17h bay stallion,mucking out 2 stables, rushing off for lunch & picking my son back up from school. When I got to my bathroom mirror that afternoon I was preparing myself for a greasy mess as is usual: nothing! My skin was glowing & just looked like it was having the time of its life.

    On a more serious side, I have had some health issues & hormone problems I have been having following some emergency surgery - they are all flaring up again but my skin is feeling nurtured - a first in a long time.

  4. Really Gentle

    Posted by Michelle McC (Dry Skin)

    I have tried a lot of products (as I'm sure you can appreciate) and this one really feels like a genuine gentle cleanser but does not dry my (already dry) skin out. Finally!

    Better than a cream cleanser!

    Posted by Kasia (very sensitive acne-prone skin)

    I love the cleansing milk by the way. It's made my skin really soft but hasn't caused any congestion like other cream cleansers I've tried.

    Best skin

    Posted by Jean B, Age 30-40, Combination skin

    Just wanted to let you know, I went and had a facial last week and the therapist said my skin is the best she has seen it. It is all thanks to your products, that is the only thing that has changed. I use the Gentle Cleansing Milk, Antioxidant Toning Infusion and Balancing Face Fluid.

    Love it

    Posted by Rhonda C, Age 50-55, Sensitive & Dry Skin

    I love your products, especially the Gentle Cleansing Milk, I can’t wait to use it and now I don’t even feel like I need to wear makeup when I leave the house.

    Beautiful Cleanser

    Posted by Megan H, Age Range 30-35, Normal skin

    I really loved the cleanser. It's actually one of the only cleansers that can be used on my eyes without any sting!!! The scent is refreshing. The texture is nice, normally I hate cream cleansers but it felt really good. I also felt like I didn't need much to remove all make up which is good and my skin felt soft and refreshed rather than dry and tight as so many foam cleansers leave you feeling. I thought it was beautiful!

    Amazing Difference!

    Posted by Peg H, Age 59, Mature skin

    I can't tell you what an amazing difference this cleanser has made for me. My face is clean, wrinkles are disappearing, makeup looks glowing and three people who see me every day have asked what I am doing that is different because I look so good. I had to tell you how much I love this product. I am 59 years old and my skin is taking on a youthful glow it hasn’t had in years. Thank you so much.


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